Conference Placement Survey

Nassau County

Girls Soccer Coaches Association


 2016 Conference Placement Survey

Coaches- Please complete the survey below to help place your team in the correct Conference for the upcoming soccer season.  This form is due to Andy Demakopolous (Roslyn) at the end of the season meeting on Wednesday October 21st.  If you need more space, please us an additional page.


Coach:__________________________    School District: ____________________________


Varsity Record 2015      Conference_____________   Overall _________________________

JV  Record 2015            Conference_____________   Overall _________________________


Number of Seniors graduated (Please indicate awards and stats for 2015)






Number of Varsity Players Returning- (Please indicate awards and stats for 2015)






Were you satisfied with the 2015 alignment format of Ability within Enrollment?

Yes:_____      No:_______     Explain/Suggestions……….




Projected Placement- (which Conference would you like your team place and why?)




Athletic Director Signature:__________________________________________________


Varsity Head Coach Signature:_______________________________________________